About Us

I believe that one of the very first things that Mike and I had in common was our problem with our weight. I was not a very confident woman, so I was actually surprised that Mike asked me out on a date. He’s handsome and very self-assured despite his weight problems. From him, I learned to manage my insecurities about my weight.

This blog will talk about our journey of losing weight together—how we found the perfect program and routine, how we supported each other through every ordeal, and how much we wanted to help others who are facing the same problems we had back then.

Our journey to losing weight is a continuing one. There’s never a day that passed by that I didn't think of the cost of my weight problems. We always try to be positive, and help each other during the down times. I think that’s when we realized that we are more than just partners, we are also soul-mates.