Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why We Never Give Up on Losing Weight

When Mike and I were just starting with our weight loss journey, some of our friends scoffed at us and assumed that we will lose footing along the way. Although there were times when we just wanted to give up, something always puts us right back on track.

It's our love for us. Mike taught me the importance of self-worth. Through him, I realized that every battle in life is worth fighting for. Whether it is reaching another milestone in our journey to losing weight or learning a new hobby, Mike has never once let go of my hands.

I won't be a hypocrite and say there is a quick losing weight journey. In fact, I always remark that even if I cheat myself, there would be no way this would be easy for me.

Having the Determination

I don't only do this for myself. I do this for Mike and our future children. It helps a lot that there is that inspiration because it allows me to strive hard for the goal of being healthy and fit.

Whenever I start to retreat, I simply remind myself of what goals Mike and I have, of what we're planning for the future. Surely, I don't want my kids to grow up with an unhealthy mommy or daddy. Mike has always been a rock but most of the time, our own enemy is we ourselves. We have to fight against it.

Looking Far Ahead

My family is not exactly known for being healthy eaters, and that's why we also had weight and health problems. I lost some of my loved ones to illnesses that involved our unhealthy lifestyles. I don't want my family to suffer through the same thing I did back then.

The future and what lies in store are the things keeping me in the weight loss program I'm in right now. It's fairly easy to fight against insecurities and doubts when you know what you're working hard for.

So, my only advice for people who are struggling to stick to their diet plans is to look deep within themselves and find the reason not to give up. However, don't try to be fit and healthy for the sake of others only, do it for yourself too.

There's really no secret formula or perfect chemistry to losing weight. What we have in us are the reasons to keep moving on. Tune in to that and you'll never lose your place again.